About Us

The Founder


My name is Shandel, and I am the founder of Skinecht, a Studio of Self-Care. I would love to take this opportunity to tell you a little bit about myself and give you a little background on how the studio came to be.

I am actually a registered dental hygienist who graduated from the University of Alberta with distinction in 2016, and have been practicing in Calgary ever since. At the start of the pandemic, dental hygienist’s were unable to work for 2 months – this profession does not really allow us to work from home unfortunately. During this time period of excessive hand washing, I got dermatitis really bad dermatitis, and my mother told me to soak my hands in olive oil for 20 minutes. Hesitantly, I soaked my hands for 30 minutes a day, and I actually got a little bit of relief from it.

That experience led me down the natural skincare rabbit hole, and I suddenly found myself looking up DIY recipes for hand cream. Many amazon orders later, and I was making whipped body butters in my kitchen. It didn’t take long before I wanted to learn the how’s and why’s of skincare, and this sudden abundance of free-time let my need for knowledge run wild. I enrolled in online courses at Formula Botanica, an organic cosmetic formulation school, to develop skills in how to formulate my own natural skincare, the safe way. Formula Botanica truly made me fall in love with formulating and skincare – I’ll be honest, I never previously used any sort of skincare, and washed my face with whatever was around – until these courses. Learning about plants and their therapeutic constituents, the art of creating and balancing a formulation, the epic fails of trials gone wrong- I fell in love with all of it. So much so, that I turned my spare bedroom into a fully equipped mini skincare lab.

After returning to dental hygiene work full time, formulating skincare turned into more of a passion project, but I couldn’t stop thinking that one day, I might be able to combine both of my worlds- dental hygiene and skincare. After talking with my massage therapist, Trisha, we came up with the idea to open a dental hygiene studio combined with massage and esthetic services, and having my skincare lab in-house to develop my own brand. It was amazing how fast that idea turned into floor plan sketches, and esthetic research and conferences, which all led me to finding the perfect location, signing a lease, and designing the space. The more research I did into the esthetic world, I was blown away by what the technology can accomplish for common skin concerns. This was truly how my passions would amalgamate.

The Studio

Composed of two parts that combine to parallel connect when pronounced; the name Skinecht is analogous with our dedication to deliver services that promote the connection with oneself and one another.

Skin – stems from the focus on skin health.

Echt – originates from my German heritage and translates to honesty and being genuine and authentic.

Skinecht was founded to create genuine connections within ourselves and to empower our mental and physical well-being through self-care. Utilizing a collaborative approach between professionals, including a Registered Massage Therapist, Medical Estheticians, an Esthetic Injector, a Nurse Practitioner, and a Dental Hygienist, we integrate unique treatment modalities in our services to help you reach your individual goals. Offering a full-suite of medical aesthetic and massage services, Skinecht wants to eliminate age and gender biases within the the esthetic realm by focusing on health and quality of life.

Services we offer

At Skinecht, we provide comprehensive services that can treat most skin concerns through effective and non-invasive treatments.

Injectables are materials that are deposited beneath the skin’s surface to deliver highly specific results.


Laser treatments utilize laser energies such as Radiofrequency (RF), Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), and Diode Beams to effectively treat certain skin conditions, such as loose/sagging skin, hyperpigmentation, and unwanted hair.

Facials are specific treatments for the face, and are great starting points for achieving skin health, and great maintenance options between more advanced treatments, such as laser and injectable treatments

Massage therapy is a great tool to help reduce and prevent musculoskeletal pain.

Skinecht studio is truly a studio of self-care, where a focus on overall health and wellbeing drives the services and care we provide. We highlight the health benefits of these services and aim to overcome the vanity stigma associated with traditional “esthetic” procedures so that everyone of all genders and ages feel comfortable seeking our services and achieving skin health.

Come visit us! Stop in just to say hi, learn more about the services we offer, or have a personalized consultation with one (or several) of our incredible clinicians!

I hope to meet all of you along your skin health journey!


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