The Studio

Connect with Skinecht.

Composed of two parts that combine to parallel connect when pronounced; the name Skinecht is analogous with our dedication to deliver services that promote the connection with oneself and one another.


stems from the focus of our skin wellness treatments.


originates from our founder’s German heritage and translates to honesty and being genuine and authentic.

the studio

Your health & happiness is our vision of success.

Helping clients achieve their goals, our studio offers highly personalized and integrative approaches to skincare and wellness. At Skinecht, we believe everyone deserves to feel confident in their skin which is why we have created a safe space for clients to feel at home. As an inclusive wellness brand, our goal is to create honest relationships with our clients to enable self-care solutions that promote physical and mental empowerment.

Studio Highlights

We built our studio with the intention of providing clients with a nurturing environment consisting of empowering experiences. Our space features natural and earthy tones, four rooms equipped with electric treatment beds, and a full “see, hear, taste, touch, smell” experience.

Our studio is located in the SW of Calgary in the new community of Trinity Hills. Located near Canada Olympic Park (COP), in the same complex as GoodLife, Heist Boutqiue, Beam Radiology, and Sofa Land.

We also offer ample underground parking for your convenience!

the team

Meet the professionals

Trisha Nucum

Registered Massage Therapist (RMT)

“When there is a problem, there is always a solution.”

Trisha has successfully completed her 3000-hour Massage Therapy training and is currently studying Acupuncture and Chinese medicine. 

Trisha is fascinated with the functions of human anatomy and biochemical and psychological processes. She aspires to bring her skills in massage and acupuncture to Skinecht to help people reach harmony in their bodies and minds. Trisha’s knowledge of the human body and passion for healing others makes her a crucial asset to Skinecht’s team.

Katelyn Kinsella

Medical Aesthetician

“Be intentional in all that you do.”

With an impressive background in dental assisting, Katelyn has recently expanded her expertise into Medical Aesthetics.

Katelyn is passionate about helping people enhance their quality of life, and ensuring that all experiences had in the studio are fantastic ones.

Katelyn loves makeup, tattoos and the power of healing crystals. She enjoys spending time with her 3 adorable (and energetic) huskies, Ghost, Arya, and Meeko.

Carrie Howell

Medical Aesthetician

“Here is a short quote Lorem Ipsum sit amet lorem ipsum.”

Originally from the East Coast, Carrie moved to Alberta to start her esthethic career in 2000. 

She furthered her qualifications in 2018 at Del Mar College where she graduated with honors from the Medial Esthetics program. Carrie is passionate about all things skin, with a special interest in the anti-aging realm. With her extensive knowledge of products and services, her goal is to help clients achieve the best version of their skin as possible!

Carrie finds her work/life balance in the joys of travelling, attending music concerts, and is always up for an adventure! Her dogs are the light of her life, and they are the happiest near or on the water!

The Goals

To create a collaborative environment that considers multi- disciplinary and synergistic treatment options for each client’s concern.

To offer inclusive and individualized treatment options for all ages, genders, and skin types.

To focus on treatments that improve clients’ quality of life.

The Mission

To change and facilitate the perspective: skin health is an important part of overall health and wellbeing.

the values

Do the Little Things






Honesty & Authenticity

sustainable practices


At Skinecht, we are an earth-conscious company and ensure we utilize sustainable practices in our services.

We have rigorous composting and recycling practices throughout the studio, and choose reusable options whenever safe and possible.

Our laser work station offers professional grade aesthetic procedures while using little to no consumables, greatly reducing our waste production! It also utilizes standard electrical requirements, unlike other machines on the market that require significantly more output.

We participate in carbon offsetting to compensate for our operating emissions by funding an equivalent carbon dioxide saving project.

women getting Morpheus 8 treatment

the Products


ALUMIER is a Canadian brand that stands out with their commitment to formulating medical grade skincare with clean and sustainably sourced ingredients without compromising purity and professional results. All their products are clean and cruelty free.

the products


Vivier is a medical grade skincare brand manufactured in Canada with over 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Vivier uses the purest USP Certified ingredients in their products and an intradermal System (IDS) for enhanced product penetration and absorption in the skin. Their goal is to create the highest quality skincare products in the world.

The Treatments

Let's achieve healthy skin, together.

At Skinecht you receive a deeply personalized experience. Enabling clients to lead their treatment planning, our approach to treatment is genuine and effective.

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The Social

Let’s Get Connected!


– the act of connecting with one’s self through self-care